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Benefits of legal representation for buyers and sellers

Protecting Buyers and Sellers for Over 25 Years

For most people, a real estate purchase is the biggest financial purchase that they will ever make. This means that it is crucial that you have an experienced real estate lawyer to to guide you through the real estate closing process and ensure a positive final outcome.

How Home Buyers Can Benefit from a Real Estate Lawyer

A home buyer can benefit from having a real estate closing lawyer assist them in the home buying process. A real estate lawyer will help a buyer by preparing legal documents, reviewing the purchase contract and negotiating contract terms beneficial to the buyer, reviewing the title report and ensuring that the buyer receives clear title to the property, helping the home buyer get a title insurance policy for their new home, and reviewing all title and loan documents at the closing before the home buyer signs them.

Real estate lawyers have training that allows them to spot issues that their clients do not recognize. In this role, the real estate lawyer plays guardian for the clients to make sure the clients do not fall into any unseen legal traps.

Whether you are buying or selling a residential or commercial property it is important to have an experienced real estate lawyer to advise you throughout the real estate closing process. Jeanne M. Reardon, Esq. has been representing and advising clients in a host of diverse real estate matters for over twenty-five years.

How Sellers Can Benefit from a Real Estate Lawyer

An individual that is selling a home or piece of property needs to review a lot of legal documents before the final purchase is signed off on. The seller needs to review the offers that they receive from buyers so that they can make a decision that is favorable to them. Sellers also have to sign real estate broker agreements in order to list their homes for sales.

Many sellers have been taken advantage of in real estate transactions because they did not have a real estate attorney review their legal documents before they signed them. Attorney Jeanne M. Reardon will make amendments to the real estate broker listing agreement to protect sellers from owing real estate broker commissions if the deal falls through. Hiring a real estat attorney as soon as possible in the closing process is the smart thing for a seller to do.

A real estate lawyer will help a seller by identifying and correcting any problems with the title, reviewing the offers given, drafting the Contract of Sale, dealing with escrow deposits, and attending the real estate closing and reviewing all of the documents that the seller will be signing to make sure that they are correct and contain no hazards for the seller.

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Real estate lawyer Jeanne M. Reardon represents buyers and sellers for both residential and commercial real estate transactions throughout New York City, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island, as well as Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County and Westchester County.

Contact Long Island real estate attorney Jeanne M. Reardon at (516) 314-8433 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your real estate matter. Please e-mail your questions or comments to us so that we may better assist you.  

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