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Residential Real Estate 

Representing Buyers and Sellers for Over 25 Years

We Can Expertly Handle Your Real Estate Transaction

Real Estate Closing Lawyer

For most people, the purchase or sale of a home is the single largest financial transaction of their lifetime. Real estate transactions are complicated, and having an experienced attorney to represent you is essential to making sure that the transaction proceeds smoothly and your rights are protected.

Our real estate lawyers want your closing to be affordable and problem-free. No matter how many real estate transactions we’ve handled (and we’ve handled thousands), we work one-on-one to make sure we meet your individual needs.

Contact us today for assistance with your next closing.

We have experience resolving many obstacles to closing, such as mortgage financing problems, title objections, and certificate of occupancy issues.

Our real estate closing attorneys assist buyers and sellers with the purchase or sale of the following types of properties:

For Commercial transactions or transactions involving a building with four or more units, Click Here.

Benefits of Attorney Representation for Residential Purchases and Sales

When selecting an attorney, remember that they will be representing you in what is likely the largest financial transaction of your life. This is why you want an attorney with experience dealing with residential sales and who knows how to protect you from getting into bad contracts or how to minimize their effect. If you have an attorney like this working with you, the chances that your deal will turn out to be advantageous to you are greatly increased and you can be certain that your interests will be protected.

Services We Offer

Our experienced Long Island real estate lawyers provide buyers and sellers with the following services:

For Buyers

  • Review and negotiation of the real estate contract,
  • Review home inspection report and resolve any issues therein,
  • Correspondence with the seller's attorney, title company and lending institution,
  • Preparation for closing, including preparation of buyer's closing statement,
  • Review of mortgage commitment, title commitment and survey, and
  • Representation at closing.

For Sellers

  • Preparation of the real estate contract,
  • Explanation of the real estate contract to the seller,
  • Review title commitment,
  • Correspondence with the buyer's attorney,
  • Preparation for closing, including preparation of seller's closing statement,
  • Preparation of the deed, and
  • Representation at closing.

One of the most important choices you’ll ever make is buying a home. Most people will only do it once or twice in a lifetime. It’s a purchase that no one should commit to blindly, and the process is more complicated than most people think.  One small contract amendment can be the determining factor of either enjoying a lifetime as a happy homeowner or living a real estate nightmare. Having someone you trust on your side to advise and represent your interests can make all the difference in the world. Attorney Jeanne Reardon can be the one to make that difference for you.

Contact Us

Whether you are buying or selling, let us help you. For a free consultation to discuss a real estate closing or other real estate matter call our experienced Long Island real estate attorneys today at (516) 314-8433. Please e-mail your questions or comments to us so that we may better assist you.

We also assist with Mortgage Refinance

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